Free swimming sessions for international women!

swimming graz women

There is a special free swimming program offered on some Saturdays for women with a migration background (i.e. foreigners) at the ATG swimming pool (Kastellfeldgasse 8). The first session 17:00 – 18:30 also offers free childcare for kids from 6 years (they do sports activities in the sports hall while the mothers swim). The second session 18:30 – 20:00 is without childcare. Girls older than 14 are allowed to swim but kids are not allowed to swim at either times.

During each session there is a short aqua aerobics class, also swim instruction or you can just swim regular laps. This is also a good opportunity to chat and connect with other women. You do need to register first, so plan to come about 30 mins before the session and bring your identity card or passport with you.

Here are the dates for 202018.01, 25.01, 8.02, 29.02, 14.03, 28.03, 4.04

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